Disclaimer Policy

Disclaimer Policy

Technewzusa.com will provide informative and educational materials. We do our best to ensure truthfulness and reliability. But, readers must verify these using official sources. By doing this we will thus have well researched and precise information.

Third-Party Platforms Disclaimer

We could also discuss third party websites. These are different from platforms, services, and tools. But, it is a major responsibility. Whether someone visits, refers to, or relies on these websites falls on the reader. We do not have to pay for these third-party sites. We cannot guarantee their content or about the issues that come up on them.

The articles, opinions, insights, and e-zines on technewzusa.com are for education. Humanize the senetence. We strive to give you correct facts. But, it is smart to go further. Seek more insights from official sources.

If copyright infringement is accidental, people can ask for removal. They must provide proof of ownership. You can send enquiries to an email address. The emails should be clear. They should include registration numbers. Also, they should have website URLs and all needed details. We will verify the requests if you give valid information. Then, we will process them.


Technewzusa.com guarantees to offer the truth and facts on our site to the readers. Although we put in our strong efforts to be accurate. It is best to read official sites or other sources. We respect copyrights. We will remove any such work that is illegal or misleading as long as the proper author asks.