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Sejda .com

In today’s digital age, managing and safeguarding documents has become more crucial than ever. Moreover, due to the growing number of documents in the digital age, abilities to handle and protect these important assets are vital. Sejda .com is one of the best online tools which is used for adding watermark to PDF files quick and free of charge. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add text and image watermarks to files in the PDF format using Sejda, as well as its capabilities or limitations, consumer feedback, and whether Sejda is an appropriate tool.

About Sejda .com

Sejda .com is an online tool for PDF processing that enables users to perform different operations on PDF files for better readability and editability. It supports all formats of operating systems including Mac and has a very easy interface for activities like merge, split, rotate, compress or in fact, apply watermarks to PDF files. There is also the security of the Sejda files for the uploads of files for processing are encrypted and the files are delete permanently.

How to Edit PDF Files with Sejda .com

Sejda is quite easy to operate and edit PDF files and documents with it, and here, I will explain how. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding watermarks to your PDF documents:Here is a step-by-step guide to adding watermarks to your PDF documents:

Select Your PDF Document

1. Click ‘Upload’: Begin by clicking on the ‘Upload’ link to open up ways of uploading files from your local computer. It can also be emphasized that it is possible to create new document objects by dragging files to the page.

2. Dropbox or Google Drive: To upload files from the Dropbox or Google Drive, which your files may be located in, click on the ‘Upload’ dropdown option and choose your files from it.

Files are safely transmitted via an encrypted connection to protect files during the transfer between the user and BCC. Files are deleted from Sejda’s server after processing, in this manner ensuring that clients’ files are permanently erased.

 Offline Option

For the users who want to have an access to the program without being connected to the internet, there is a desktop edition that has the same tools as the online version of Sejda. This makes certain that your files are not ever going to exist somewhere on the internet and this is very secure.

 Add Text Watermark

  •  Click ‘Add Text’: To edit the PDF, scroll to the top of the screen and then click the ‘Add text’ button. The watermark type is a text watermark that shall be placed on the PDF.
  • Edit the Text: To “select” the text, try clicking on the water mark. For instance, you can type in words like ‘Draft’ or ‘Confidential,’ depending with the amount of leakage allowed.

Change Text Size, Rotation, and Location

  • Move the Watermark: you can click it and drag it to the position preferred on the opened page of the PDF.
  • Rotate the Watermark: Indicate the position at which the rotation should occur and drag the rotation handle to set the angle of the watermark text.
  • Resize the Watermark: To alter the size of the watermark, use the white square like sliders located at the edges of the text mistyped as ‘w a t e r’.

Change Text Color, Transparency, and Font Family

  • Open the Menu: To provide users with the access to specific functions affecting a specific text, users are to click on the text watermark connected with a respective function.
  •  Adjust Transparency: Possible operation: opacity – increase/decrease the text’s level of transparency.
  • Change Color and Font: You can also change the color of the textual content or choose a different font style for it. After setting your preferred options on watermarking, you can then go ahead with the final input on your document.

 Adding an Image Watermark

What is more, besides text, Sejda provides an option to place an image watermark on the opened PDF file. Here’s how:

Click ‘Add Image’: Choose the image file that you decide to use as the basis of the watermark. Sejda accepts a range of input formats like JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and SVG.

Rotate, Resize, or Change Position

  • Move the Image: To move the image watermark simply draw over it with the mouse and shift the watermark on the appropriate area of the PDF page.
  • Rotate the Image: For rotating the image you will have to make use of the rotation handle that is there in the corners.
  • Resize the Image: This will allow you to click the target area and drag the resize handles in order to resize the image to the desired dimensions.

 Change Transparency

  •  Open the Menu: By moving the cursor over a certain area of the picture, or by right-clicking the picture, one can reveal a hidden menu.
  • Adjust Transparency: To, adjust the amount that the object or a part of it will be transparent, change the opacity to the required level. Local development can also be defined as the process of developing different products by purely utilizing the resources that are local to a particular country.

Features of Sejda .com

Sejda offers a comprehensive suite of features that make PDF management simple and efficient:

  • Merge PDF: It includes opening one or more PDF files and joining them together into a new file.
  • Split PDF: Split on the fly. Easily split selected PDFs into the desired number of documents on the fly.
  • Compress PDF: Optimize the PDF that you have.
  • Edit PDF: Clean up text within the PDF file or add images, perform edits on links as well.
  • Convert PDF: Export and import the files in the PDF format or convert to any other format such as MS Words and Excel or images like JPG.
  • Watermark PDF: Watermarking is another feature that can be added into Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PDFs.
  • Secure PDF: Set and secure with passwords, files that is in PDF format.

 Reviews Of Sejda .com

 Reviews Of Sejda .com
 Reviews Of Sejda .com

In its current position, people have expressed their satisfaction in its easy consumer interface. It also boasts about its security features. This website has a simple interface that is convenient for working with the materials and has many free tools available for users. It has however been received well by the users, especially the desktop version since it has the advantage of working offline which makes it secure.

Download for Desktop

Sejda has versions for Windows, Mac , and Linux that are downloadable on the desktop. This version of the AirDrop allows for the same functionality of the online service while making sure that the files are stored locally in your device. It becomes even more helpful to individuals who work on files that contain confidential information and do not feel comfortable about uploading them to an online server.

 Pros and Cons Of Sejda .com


  • User-Friendly Interface: Sejda cane easily be accessed since it has a user-friendly and easy to understand interface.
  • – Wide Range of Features: It provides tools for editing and organizing PDFs within one handy application.
  • – Security: They are able to upload the files and delete the files after processing to avoid any privacy issues.
  • – Free to Use: As observed earlier, some features can be accessed without charge.


  • File Size Limitations: The disadvantage of this free version is they are restricted on the size of files and the number of each task within a day.
  • Watermark on Free Version: This nature is attributed to the fact that some of the features available in the free version may add a watermark to your PDFs.
  • Task Limitations: In the free version, there is a limit to the number of tasks you are allowed to complete within what seems like a day.

 Alternatives Of Sejda .com

While Sejda is a powerful tool, there are other alternatives available for watermarking and editing PDFs:While Sejda is a powerful tool, there are other alternatives available for watermarking and editing PDFs:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC: This is a powerful application that allows users to create, modify, and organize PDF files simultaneously without any difficulties. It comes with added features for the designs but requires payment subscriptions for it.
  • PDFescape: A novel tool that enables one to edit, comment on or complete fillable PDF forms. It also supports watermarking.
  • Smallpdf: An online platform the provides PDF utilities such as Join PDFs 2, Split PDFs 2, and Add Watermark to PDF.

How Do You Know if Sejda .com is Trustworthy?

Sejda has recently gained attention from numerous tech reviews and was commended by its ability to operate safely. That is why user feedback given at such non-scientific sources as Trustpilot and G2 also speak about the high level of trust and Basket customers’ satisfaction. Finally, one can identify the company’s transparency regarding its stance on privacy and use of users’ data to enhance the performance of their products further proving the credibility of this tool.


First, Sejda .com is a powerful and intuitive software solution that enables users to manipulate and modify PDF documents. Due to its functionalities that include the addition of text and image watermarking online for the user without charge, the website proves to be quite useful for any person or company. Overall, due to such important factors as Security and Ease of Use, as well as possible options, Sejda can be considered as a worthy tool for dealing with PDFs.


Q1. Is Sejda free to use for watermarking PDFs?

Ans: Yes, Sejda offers a free online service for watermarking PDFs. However, there are limitations on file size and the number of tasks per day in the free version.

Q2. Can I use Sejda offline?

Ans: Yes, Sejda offers a desktop version that can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version provides the same features as the online service and ensures that your files never leave your computer.

Q3. How secure is Sejda for uploading documents?

Ans: Sejda uses encrypted connections to protect file uploads, and all files are permanently deleted from their servers after processing. The desktop version provides an extra layer of security by allowing users to work offline.

Q4. Are there alternatives to Sejda for watermarking PDFs?

Ans: Yes, there are alternatives such as Adobe Acrobat DC, PDFescape, and Smallpdf. These platforms offer similar features for editing and managing PDFs, including watermarking.

Q5. Does Sejda add watermarks to PDFs in the free version?

Ans: Yes, in the free version, Sejda may add a watermark to your PDFs. Users can upgrade to a paid version to remove watermarks and access additional features.

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