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Brianna chickenfry

Brianna Chickenfry, a social media sensation  Known as Chickenfry and content creator. She has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique blend of humour, authenticity, and relatability. From entertaining skills to insightful Vlogs, she consistently delivers content that resonates with diverse audiences. Beyond her online presence, Chickenfry’s influence extends to brand partnerships and collaborations, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the digital landscape. With her energy and genuine approach, Brianna Chickenfry continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of social media and beyond. Known for her engaging personality and witty commentary, Chickenfry has amassed a dedicated following across various platforms. 

Brianna Chickenfry’s Wiki

She is a 24-year-old American social media sensation born on June 17, 1999, in Boston, Massachusetts. She currently resides in New York City, New York. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Brianna’s Physical Appearance

Brianna Chickenfry is American with white ethnicity, she is 5’8″ (173 cm) tall and weighs 121 pounds (55 kg). Her body measurements are 32-24-33 inches (81-61-84 cm). She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. she is known as a podcaster and social media influencer.

Brianna’s Early Life

Brianna chickenfry

On 17 June 1999 she was born, Brianna likes spending time with her family to celebrate her birthday. She also shares a lovely cake on her big day. Let me tell you that this wonderful girl was born in Rockland, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States, to her parents in 1999. She revealed on her Instagram page that she lives in New York City unpaid to her job.

She is 24 years old, and her full name is Brianna LaPaglia (as of 2022). She attended Rockland High School for her secondary education after finishing primary school along with her brothers. She then registered at Baldwin Wallace University and started majoring in public health. She left college, giving to the bases, to focus on her TikTok career.

Brianna Chickenfry’s Family

Her parents worship Brianna LaPaglia, who is their only child. She does not speak out greatly about her parents, though. We bare that she had posted a few photos with her dad beside her mom on social media after understanding her accounts. Their identities besides occupations are unknown. She also disclosed that her parents detached a few years ago.

Regarding her siblings, she has three sisters, all of whom have important fulfilling lives. On the other hand, we are presently unable to obtain data regarding her brothers.

Career Of Brianna

In her leisure time, Brianna Chickenfry happened to post videos to TikTok. She began attracting a lot of consideration from the spectators as a result of her stunning appearance. Her official TikTok account, brianna chicken fry, now has 1.5 million followers besides 115.1 million likes through August 2022. In March 2019, she dispatched her first video to TikTok. She later became a detainee at Barstool Sports. Let me tell you about Barstool Sports, a media outlet that specialists in pop culture in addition to sports. She later joined the business using a full-time employee. In addition, she co-hosts a podcast with Barstool Sports called “PlanBri Uncut” where she debates events, stories, and updates since her life.

Brianna’s Relationships

The well-known TikTok celebrity bears a lot of details about her personal life and partner. She obligated a love involvement with a former football player baptized Nik Pelligrino, I should let you know. Before beginning to date, the pair spent a few calendar months as pals. According to rumours, they reportedly commenced dating in 2018.

On their social media accounts, they frequently dispatched their incredible and lovely photos. Sadly, they are no longer a pair. On her podcast, Brianna confirmed their breakup and that they made numerous attempts to mend their relationship but failed. But for the time being, she is content breathing alone.

Net Worth OF Brianna

This well-known TikTok celebrity has a pleasing existence. Brianna Chickenfry maintains a spotless home and owns a room in New York. She also equipped her house with lovely flags and scenery. She also owns a car, several supplementary gear, and pricey phones. She favors wearing branded sartorial at all times.

Recent update About Brianna

When Brianna chickenfry disclosed on the most current episode of her podcast PlanBri Uncut that people are hazarding that she flirted with Noah Beck at Bryce Hall’s 23rd birthday party in addition to causing the breakup with fiancée Dixie D’Amelio, she shot to renown in August 2022. She made it seem that she was in New York and had missed Hall’s festivity. On the other hand, Noah Beck was with Dixie and did not go to the party either. People are spreading unfounded rumours regarding incorrect facts. Furthermore, Beck made it ostensible on his official social media accounts.


Brianna Chickenfry’s enigmatic approach to personal details such as her weight, height, and age adds an intriguing layer to her online presence. While she remains a prominent figure in the digital sphere, her decision to keep certain aspects of her personal life private only enhances her allure. This intentional ambiguity allows her audience to focus on the content she creates rather than superficial details. As she continues to engage and entertain her followers with her unique blend of humour and authenticity, Chickenfry’s impact on social media culture remains undeniable.

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