Jason Kelce Net Worth: Exploring His Current Net Worth and Income Sources

Jason Kelce Net Worth

Jason Kelce is one of the most famous NFL players. He currently plays as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Through his skill and dedication, he has become one of the giants in American soccer. Kelce’s career highlights include trips to the Pro Bowl. He also won a Super Bowl.Off the field, Kelce’s impact is in endorsements and business offers. This article helps to estimate jason kelce net worth in 2024 and in previous years. His journey, shown by Spotrac, showcases an amazing athlete. His effect extends far past the sport.

Jason kelce Net worth 2024

Along with a $14,250,000 guaranteed salary and a $10,335,000 signing bonus, Jason Kelce inked a one-year, $14,250,000 deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. With a basic salary of $1,500,000, a cap hit of $10,178,000, and a dead cap worth $25,116,000. That’s Kelce’s 2024 money.

Jason kelce Net worth 2023

Jason Kelce Net Worth

Observers expect Jason Kelce to have a net worth of about $30 million in 2023. He made this money from NFL contracts, endorsements, and other sources. Spotrac is a sports agreement website. It almost reveals his net worth in its data. This data includes his current contract. It’s a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for $14,250,000. In the end, his net worth mirrors how he built a career as an NFL center. This also led to big business opportunities and high earnings.

Jason kelce’s salary 

Jason Kelce plays in the NFL. So, his profits come from an NFL settlement. In 2024, Kelce signed his current contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. It is a one-year agreement and is worth $14,250,000. In his profession, he has signed many contracts. They match the value he brings to the middle position and to the Eagles. In this admiration, his earnings show the truth. They show that he is a valued elite player in the NFL. His income displays his class, revel in, and importance to the team.

 Jason kelce Net Worth Over the Years

  • 2024: In 2024, Jason Kelce has a net worth of about 40 million dollars. He earned it from NFL contracts, endorsements, and other business ventures.
  • 2023: His supposed net value in 2023 was about $40 million. From the one-year contract he had with the Eagles this year, most of his earnings came to $14.25 million.
  • 2022: Net worth, in 2022 it was believed to be $37.5 million. Earnings are from his salary in the NFL and numerous endorsements.
  • 2021: The six-year contract extension with the Eagles signed in 2021 was worth $64.7 million. He played a major role in getting his estimated net worth to the tune of $40 million.

Source of Income 

Jason Kelce’s main source of income has come from the salary paid to him for being an NFL player. He is among the highest-paid centers in the league. He signed several very large contracts for this role with the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Endorsements: Kelce has also been enriched through his wide range of endorsements. His ties with Old Spice and 6 Shooter Energy Shots have really added a lot to his general net worth. 
  • Podcasting: He does a podcast with his brother, Travis Kelce, entitled “New Heights”. This podcast really took off, and it’s probably increased his own earnings. Jason Kelce has climbed up the ladder. He went from a high school athlete to one of the most respected centers in the National Football League. He left an impact beyond the football field. He inspired and connected with many through his podcast and on social media.

Jason’s Bio

Jason Kelce Net Worth

Jason Daniel Kelce was born on November 5, 1987, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He is a former pro American football center. He spent his whole career playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. It was in the National Football League. He was often called the best center in NFL history.

After high school, Kelce began his playing career as a walk-on running back for the University of Cincinnati. He started in college football before being moved to the offensive line. The Eagles drafted Kelce in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He was a Super Bowl LII champion and a seven-time Pro Bowler, with six first-team All-Pro selections. Kelce retired from professional football in 2024.

Kelce has also won a Super Bowl, gone to multiple Pro Bowls, and is a three-time first-team All-Pro. He is also involved in other ventures, such as co-hosting a podcast with his brother, Travis. jason kelce wife name is Kylie Kelce, they both married in 2018 after meeting through Tinder,

Jason kelce spotrac 

Jason Kelce’s sports settlement website offers great details. It shows the type of contracts he had in his time in the National Football League. In that regard, it details the time, cost, and terms of each agreement. It gives fanatics and analysts an idea of his career earnings and future trajectory. Jason kelce spotrac also has facts on Kelce’s revenue cap effect with the Philadelphia Eagles. It compares to other deals in the league.

Jason kelce’s Social Media

Jason Kelce is active on most social media. One of the best ways to connect with him and keep up with his life outside of football is to follow his fans. Here is where to find him:

  • Facebook: Jason Kelce is on Facebook with 335,171 likes. He does update his status showing his life and career as the center for the Philadelphia Eagles. One can add him as a friend on Facebook.
  • Twitter and Instagram:  There were no search results for such accounts, but most athletes have their own profiles. You can try finding Jason Kelce on Twitter and Instagram too. It is an online Facebook community group. Fans can join and express their love for the football legend. This group posts relevant videos, albums, and photos concerning Jason Kelce.


To finish, the NFL has given Jason Kelce the joy that has made him one of the best there is in this game. But, it is on the field where Kelce shines. He has earned Pro Bowl honors and a Super Bowl ring for his play at center. His business skill and endorsements raised his expected net worth to $30 million by 2023. Kelce is often recognized by the NFL for his work ethic and dedication to excellence. But, he’s still able to let loose off the field.


Q1. What is Jason Kelce’s modern-day settlement repute?

Ans: The latest statistics show that Jason Kelce’s last deal was a one-year contract. He made it with the Philadelphia Eagles. It was worth $14,250,000.

Q2. How does Jason Kelce’s net worth test to other NFL players?

Ans: Solution: Jason Kelce is worth $30 million in 2023. This is huge and puts him among the best-earning players in the NFL. This is especially true for offensive linemen.

Q3. What are a few key endorsements Jason Kelce has secured?

Ans: Jason Kelce has endorsements with companies like Old Spice. He also has deals with six Shooter Energy Shots. They show his marketability beyond soccer.

Q4. How has Jason Kelce contributed to his network off the field?

Ans: Through his Be Foundation, Jason Kelce has aimed to uplift his network. He has shown his dedication to giving back.

Q5. What are a few wonderful achievements of Jason Kelce’s NFL career?

Ans: Jason Kelce has earned more than one Pro Bowl appearances. He was a key player in the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl win. This success highlights his splendid NFL career.

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