Shreyanka Patil: Rising Star of Indian Women’s Cricket

shreyanka patil

Shreyanka Patil is a promising talent from Bangalore, Karnataka. She has set records in Indian women’s cricket. She was diagnosed for her all-rounded skills. This deep biography reviews her professional and private journey. It shows the highlights of her accomplishments. They are milestones in her profession and a few other exciting aspects.

Shreyanka Patil Bio

Shreyanka Rajesh Patil was born on 31st July 2002 in Bangalore, Karnataka. She is 21 years old as of now. Patil showed a strong interest and ability in cricket from an early age. She had a circle of supportive relatives. Patil improved by training and playing in city tournaments. Her training at Delhi Public School gave her a strong basis. It helped in her teaching and sporting efforts. She is a great devotee of Hinduism.

Shreyanka’s Educational Background

Shreyanka was born and grew up in Bangalore where she studied in Delhi Public School, Bangalore. Later, she found her interest in Cricket so she opted to get thorough coaching in it while studying.

Shreyanka Patil’s Family

In her family, she has her parents and siblings. Her father is Mr. Rajesh Patil who is a businessman while her mother is a homemaker. Although it’s not clear about her mother’s occupation. Meanwhile, there is her sister, Bhoomika Patil and her brother, Adarsh Patil. On the other hand, there is no clear or original information about her sibling’s occupation.

Shreyanka’s Journey in Domestic Cricket

Shreyanka’s  entry set her on a path in domestic cricket. It became an all-rounder. She joined the Karnataka Women’s crew in 2019. She made her debut in October 2019 against the Pondicherry Women group. In January 2023, she engraved her name in the file books. She did this by adding her maiden List A 1/2-century. She did so after smashing 73 runs against Arunachal Pradesh. The turning factor in Patil’s career came with the choice into the Karnataka ladies’s side in 2019. She made her debut with the Pondicherry girls’ group. She showed flashes of her ability. These laid a strong basis for a great career at home. But it changed in this match, in January 2023. She made her first half-century in List A Cricket. She scored 50 against Arunachal Pradesh. This made everyone notice and respect her.

Rising on the International Stage

Shreyanka Patil

Patil’s great play at home could not escape the eyes of the selectors. They have named her to India A crew for the 2023 ACC Women’s T20 Emerging Asia Cup. She showed her skill in bowling. She emerged as the top wicket-taker by getting 9 wickets. And that amazing feat drove her into the limelight and also paved the way for her worldwide debut.

Emerging Asia Cup. She changed how she played in the collection. She became the top wicket-taker. Now, national selectors can’t ignore her. After that, she faced tough opponents like Australia and England. She soon got a chance to represent the USA in WODI and WT20I formats.

International Debut

In December 2023, Shreyanka wore the Indian jersey she always dreamed of. She made her WODI and WT20I debut in both formats. Her determination and skill had been added at her debut in WODI against Australia. She then proved her status with the ball in the T20I series against England. She took a couple of wickets for 44 runs in her spell.

WPL Stardom

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) gave Patil a great platform to make a mark on a large degree. She turned into a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore setup and managed to shine with the ball. In such great matches, she has shown her ability as a match-winner. She got six wickets at an average of 32.00. Further, it was key to their title win. Her crew’s performance in the 2024 WPL season was exemplary. She won the very prestigious Purple Cap for her bowling skill.

Shreyanka Patil Current Teams

In WPL 2024, Shreyanka was acquired by Royal Challengers Bangalore at her base price. In this year, Shreyanka was acquired at 10 Lakhs. Meanwhile, she achieved purple cap and then won 5 Lakhs more.

Shreyanka Patil Current teams From All Formats

India women’s national cricket teamAll-rounder
Royal Challengers BangaloreAll-rounder
Karnataka women’s cricket teamAll-rounder
South Zone women’s cricket teamAll-rounder

Personal Attributes and Interests

Shreyanka Patil

Beyond the cricketing acumen, Shreyanka Patil is remembered for her smile and dedication. She is a proper Hindu by religion. Her inspirations are the same as those from her history and ideals. She goes past cricket to hobbies like singing and other sports. She rose fast to prominence. But, she stays grounded. She credits her success to hard work and perseverance.

Future Goals Of Shreyanka

Shreyanka Patil is advancing in her international cricket career. This journey could inspire many hopes in budding athletes. It is especially true for young women who dare to dream big.

She has the right talent, willpower, and undying spirit. Patil will make history. She will leave a lasting legacy in Indian women’s cricket. She will also impact the sport for generations to come. Her perseverance in cricket sets an example for many. It shows how to handle the ups and downs of a pro cricket career.


In short, Shreyanka Patil’s journey from humble beginnings to her current place in Indian girls’ cricket says much. It shows that passion and determination can take one far. She has given brilliant performances at home and abroad. She show her potential as a future star of the sport. Her continuance alongside this path of excellence inspires young cricketers. She is inspiring and from the sector and reminds them to keep believing that skill and dedication matter in cricket.


Q1. How did Shreyanka Patil’s early experiences shape her cricketing adventure?

Ans: A circle of relatives that liked cricket evolved the profound love of Patil for the game at an early age. Her early years were full of family help due to dedication and support.

Q2. What were the important milestones in Shreyanka Patil’s home cricket profession?

Ans: She joined the Karnataka Women’s team in 2019 and scored the team’s first half-century in List A games. This was against Arunach in January 2023. For all-spherical and capability, those accolades displayed her. 

Q3. How did she make her mark on the worldwide stage?

Ans: Her great performances on the home stage caught the eye of the selectors. As a result, she was named to the India A squad for the 2023 ACC Women’s T20 Emerging Asia Cup.

Q4. What contribution did she make to the Women’s Premier League (WPL)?

Ans: Patil was signed with the aid of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. She made a lion’s share of the WPL’s success and did this while showing her skill in bowling and helped them win in the 2024 edition. She ended up winning the Purple Cap. 

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